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The Airport Transfer Company Frequestly Asked Questions about Arrivals.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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I want a specific pickup time from the airport – is this possible?

Yes, simply enter the flight arrival time as normal and the desired pick-up time in comments and we will meet you as normal at this time.


Can you pick me up from an Airport hotel instead of the airport?

Yes we can, just specify the hotel when creating your booking, we limit the hotels that we offer pickups from to airport only Hotels, specify a pickup time in the comments when you book.


How do I find my driver at the airport?

The driver will be stood in the main arrivals hall with a board with your name on, the main arrivals hall is entered after you have collected your luggage and cleared customs.


Different members of my group are arriving on different flights – how should I make my booking?

The answer to this question depends upon whether you all want to: (1) wait for each other and all travel together, or: (2) each member of the group prefers to leave as soon as possible after their flight arrives.


(1) Since you all wish to travel together, please enter the flight details of the LAST flight to arrive as your primary flight. Then please enter all details of other flights into the ‘any other information’ box on the booking form.


(2) Since you wish to leave as soon as possible, please make a new booking for each group that wishes to leave separately (again using the LAST flight to arrive as the primary flight). N.B. If you have different people arriving AND departing on different flights (and require separate arrival AND departure pickup times), then you will need to make separate bookings for each set of people. If this all gets a bit too complicated, feel free to contact us and we will help you to make the booking.


How long will I have to wait after I come through into Nice Airport arrivals until we set off?

Private transfers will leave as soon as you arrive in the main arrivals hall. Factors which can affect your pickup times: Flight delays, Excessive traffic on the roads, Loss of baggage causing an excessive delay in meeting your driver.


What type of vehicle will I be transfered in?

Our fleet of vehicles is made up of private cars and minibuses with seating for up to eight passengers. They are equipped with air conditioning, most have leather seats and they all have satellite navigation systems to offer a safe and comfortable journey.


What do I do if I can’t find the representative/driver at the airport?

In this unusral event, you should contact us and we will let you know their whereabouts.


What happens if my flight is delayed?

Where possible we will rearrange our schedules to accommodate the delay but please be aware that this is not always possible, our basic policy is to wait for up to 60 minutes and then if required rearrange drivers and our schedules. Point 33 in our terms and conditions covers flight delays and is very stringent to cover all eventualities but we do understand that delays can be very stressful and we will always try our very best to be there when your delayed flight arrives.


What is your luggage policy?

We expect passengers to have two items of luggage (one usual holiday luggage suitcase and small hand luggage bag), any further suitcases, bags, golf clubs, bikes, ski and snowboard equipment should be declared as excess luggage at the time of booking.


What happens if the airline lose my luggage?

Clients are asked to keep The Airport Transfer Company informed of any incidence of lost luggage as this may delay you leaving the airport and require us to rearrange schedules to allow your driver to wait for you.